What it means to be a citizen?

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Citizen is a person who’s born within the country borders and is bestowed with…

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What it means to be a citizen?

Citizen is a person who’s born within the country borders and is bestowed with certain privileges and liabilities of that country. Also, some states like the United States allow people to be naturalised citizens if they fulfill eligibility requirements. Good citizenship is more than just a birthplace accident.

Immigrates and people who take citizenship tests have already learned valuable lessons of becoming a part of a much larger democratic process. Either way, citizenship traits only follow from a decision to take on such attributes. Commitment and participation in positive activities are a proportion of playing an active role in enhancement of community.


Each country has their own set of requisites to become citizens but usually a child born within a country’s borders is considered a legal national of that particular state. In the U.S. parents need no to be a legal citizen for a child to be a U.S. national with their birth certificate. As per the rules in the European Union, at-least one of the parent have to be a legal native of one member country for children to be granted citizenship.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, children after reaching the age of maturity may apply for British citizenship via ancestry clause if one of the parents holds legal nationality. Each state has clearly defined standards against citizenship by investment as well so you better consult immigration offices or renowned official websites for clarification.

Above all, eligibility criteria to acquire citizenship in every country starts from naturalisation with requirements for each nation being different! For U.S. applicant must be 18 years old with a five year proven history of residing in the country. Travel requisites also vary such as before completion of naturalisation process, you mightn’t travel off borders however such details can be extracted from the terms and conditions.

Once acquiring citizenship successfully, your children are automatically eligible for citizenship however you may also apply through marrying a legal resident of a foreign state. This particular process is referred to as citizenship by marriage that takes around three years to complete. Not that the time frame for each country differs from three to five years or more with proven record of residence.

The rights & responsibilities

Every citizen is responsible to exercise the rights and responsibilities laid unto him for the wellbeing of country and himself. The law ask to defend the land in times of war however this rule isn’t applicable on everyone. In the U.S. male nationals have to register for selective service when 18 years old. Many countries around the world after bestowing citizenship also allow individuals to cast a vote in elections. Country must sustain its rights to preserve the wellbeing of residents against foreign assaults and other such happenings.

Factors leading towards denaturalisation

Certain individuals may have their citizenship application denied or simply to be annulled permanently for various reasons. If a person has convicted criminal activities such as treason or any other, citizenship is revoked without a second thought. People lost their citizenship while fighting for countries other than their own during World War I and II. Since then, many different reasons for deporting citizens are found in basic rules and regulations of individual immigration bureaus.


Above are a few rules or directions that define what it means to be a citizen and duties vested by the country.

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