Types of CCTV Cameras

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A CCTV camera system is the best security measure one can take to protect…

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Types of CCTV Cameras

A CCTV camera system is the best security measure one can take to protect his family or customers. It doesn’t just record footage, but it can also be used to scare away any potential threats. CCTV camera surveillance systems come in different types. Which kind of cameras one should go for depends on the requirements of an individual. Several CCTV installers in Dubai can serve your needs.

Where some camera systems are for indoor use, others are for outdoors. Indoor cameras need not be weather-proof or sturdy as the cameras which are to be installed outside must be. It also depends on whether the cameras are to be installed at a house or property or a retail store or place of work. Then several features need to be considered such as the viewing angle, focal distance, visibility, etc., of the cameras.

Here are the basics about a few significant types of CCTV cameras that are widely used:

Dome cameras

As the name suggests, these types of cameras have a dome like a shape. This shape makes it difficult for people to spot which direction’s footage the camera is capturing. These cameras are clearly visible hence they are good at warning intruders that everything is being caught on camera. Some of them have infrared illuminators which help them record the video even in dim lighting. Dome cameras are used for video surveillance indoors mostly in retail spaces.

HD cameras

High-definition cameras capture footage at a higher resolution that enables the owner to zoom in without compromising the quality of the images. They capture finer details and hence are used in banks and other such places.

Day/Night cameras

These cameras can be used 24/7 as they capture imagery perfectly despite the lighting conditions. They have an extra sensitive imagining chip that enables them to record footage no matter there is direct sunlight or the area is very poorly lit. Due to this reason, they do not need an infrared illuminator and are used outdoors.

PTZ cameras

The PTZ cameras allow for the lens to be panned, tilted or zoomed. They can either be programmed or controlled manually. Their high-end features give the operator more control over viewing. They are used in sensitive zones where live monitoring is essential.

Bullet cameras

These cameras have a long, cylindrical and thin design. They are used for long viewing hence these are mostly installed outdoors. Since they are for longitudinal outdoor viewing, they are usually weather-proof, with protective casings. They can capture footage that is at 40ft at a viewing angle of 80 degrees. They have either fixed lens or a varifocal one and capture footage of a fixed area.

C-Mount cameras

These cameras use detachable lenses. They mostly have a varifocal lens whose focal distance and the viewing angle can be fine-tuned. A C-Mount camera with different lenses can be used to suit different needs.

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