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No matter how much we discuss or write about Dubai, it’s not enough! Such…

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Try Out These Six Unusual Things When in Dubai

No matter how much we discuss or write about Dubai, it’s not enough! Such is the charisma of this wonderful city. It’s amazing how a barren wasteland transformed into one of the biggest destination for travel and business boasting futuristic skyscrapers! We’ve to thank hard working and devoted individuals as without their utmost efforts, none of this would’ve been possible.

While talking about the city, the first image that comes in mind is that of Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and lots of shopping malls but come-on, these aren’t the only spots across the region. Don’t worry as all comfort levels are considered whether less extraordinary or pure adrenaline. Let’s look at the choices.

1-Dine in a Completely Covert Location

Renowned chef Thomas Reger partnered with Lime & Tonic is proud to host this clandestine supper club. Dinner is full of adventure and excitement right from the start as a bus comes to pick-up guests from a predetermined location and drives them to a private location. Apparently no one would blind fold you but it’s just for fun. Each dinner offer surprise for guests like previous events involved Venetian carnival and lots of cinematic themes to make it more of a fun-filled event.

2-The Unforgettable Bungee Jump Experience

Bungee jumping isn’t something new but what you’ll experience here is unlike anyplace else! This is for pure adventure carvers; drive to the Gravity Zone and climb atop a 50 metres high platform attached firmly to a crane. Put around bungee cord, take a deep breath and off you go. Definitely not suitable for children under 18 and light-hearted individuals!

3- Arabic Style Polo

Everyone have seen and even played terrific game of Polo riding on horseback but have you ever heard or tried the game on a camel! That’s true, grab a mallet, climb aboard the desert animal and ride like the wind across the field while trying to hit the ball. Tournament is held at Dubai Polo Club which is nothing but ultimate fun!

4- Dive for Pearls

How often it happens when you plunge into water and comes out with a bunch of priceless pearls! As amazing as it sound, you can actually witness the riches; simply climb aboard a dhow and sail to a secluded cove. The trip will be accompanied by professionals who’ll let you dive in safe waters, fetching for pearls at the bottom of the sea. And oysters’ means there’re pearls as well which is all yours to keep. So it’s about ultimate sporting and getting rich at the same time.

5- Chill in Sunny Dubai

They say winter don’t come in Dubai but thanks to advance technology and genius minds, you can enjoy a drink in a bar having temperature -6°C. Yes, we’re talking about Chill Out Bar so even if it’s 50°C outside, you can relax in the confines of ice constructed bar and no need to bring coats as you’ll get some as part of service. Chill Out Bar appears on top of Dubai blog for travelers.



Thrilling Skydive

You don’t need to climb atop Mount Everest for skydiving when you can do so in Dubai. The Skydive Dubai takes you on a lifetime adventure. A plane would fly over Palm Island, Jumeirah which is your drop point. Wear safety gear, open the safety hatch, say your prayers and jump off! You can spot Kempinski Hotel & Residences upon descending and if you really enjoyed it, include desert jump in your second trip!


Now that you’re planning next vacation in Dubai, better try the above and live life at best!