The six benefits of tinted car windows

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Whether you’re a safety-conscious parent or a passionate driver, there’re plenty of reasons to…

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The six benefits of tinted car windows

Whether you’re a safety-conscious parent or a passionate driver, there’re plenty of reasons to have the car tinted. The decision is usually based on personal preference or owner’s needs, however, state laws shouldn’t be ignored as car window shading is illegal in many countries. This is especially for drivers who wish to maintain privacy or simply for safety. No matter the reason, the trend has boomed over the last few years and each holds a certain degree of value so let’s look at a few.

  1. Increased comfort

If you’ve kids sitting in the back of the vehicle, the tinting film is a neat option which reduces heat to surprisingly 46 percent with only five percent shading. Another benefit is less strain on air-conditioning units which reduces fuel consumption. Your vehicle’s interior would remain cool even when the sun’s blazing outside.

  1. Repel UV rays

Glaring sun rays don’t just get in the eyes while driving but heat up the car from inside. Exposure to such environment risks in skin ageing, cancer and also a weakening of eyesight. That’s not all, strong UV rays penetrating from the windows can also damage vehicle’s interior such as cracks dashboard, discolour and deteriorate leather and vinyl seats, fade in-car upholstery and carpet.

When the vehicle is exposed to heat with no air ventilation, the car polish releases a harmful chemical which is toxic to humans. All these aspects make it extremely significant to have the car windows tinted thus protecting you and the vehicle’s interior.

  1. Glare reduction

Tints work the same way as sunglasses. It not just keeps the glare off your eyes but offer uninterrupted in-car screen based entertainment such as in highly advanced vehicles. The latest vehicles are integrated with touch-system controllers and automatic gear that can be damaged when exposed to high heat from the sun. The only protection that won’t let you break the bank is dyeing the windows. Even in winter season when the sun’s low on the horizon, it helps shield your eyes from the twilight of the setting sun.

  1. Added safety & security

For parents and cab drivers carrying passengers from one stop to another, tint is a far better option than the usual glass because it can break, spread shards everywhere and possibly magnify sunrays. Window film offers ultimate protection against all and ensures driver’s safety even if the worst happens. The process prevents window from shattering in case of collision so you need not worry about glass splinters and shards. It certainly goes a long way as the unexpected can happen anytime on the road so one should be prepared.

With safety comes security and car tinting in Dubai certainly promises this. When on the road or in the parking lot, they’re nosey people who always stares inside the car and tempted to steal something valuable. To save yourself, your privacy as well as valuable belongings inside the vehicle, window shading is surely the first and most plausible solution. When questioned, drivers who tinted their vehicle’s windows were quite satisfied as they can also have a 360 degree view of the road without pinning their eyes.

  1. Add a style to your car

Most young and enthusiastic drivers are more conscious of the style than safety and security. Tint adds a certain look to the car’s exterior and may have stunning effects even if you own an old one. Today, tints are available in many colours besides the usual black thus giving the car a cool look.

  1. Privacy

Coming to the most valuable aspect, tinted window is an old method to maintain privacy level in a vehicle and the trend won’t go out anytime soon. Limousines were among the most notable when shaded windows are concerned. This is to prevent passers-by and passengers from trains and buses from staring inside the car. The trend is common nowadays with almost every second car has its windows shaded. This is extremely beneficial if you’re travelling to unchartered places or eerie part of the town where safety and privacy are threatened.


With so many benefits just from a simple car window tint, there’s no point avoiding it so go to the nearest auto store and add style as well as safety to your vehicle.