Six things you must do before you travel abroad

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Traveling abroad is fun but it could be stressful at the same time if…

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Six things you must do before you travel abroad

Traveling abroad is fun but it could be stressful at the same time if you lack proper planning. In order to enjoy your trip, you must adhere to the points discussed below. The best I could say, plan your trip ahead of time, it gives you room to alter changes.

Depending on the destination you’re looking forward to, you must plan relevant. But to give a collective idea about how to trickle down while planning a trip, we have designed an infographic to help you understand better.

Stop stressing and have a look:

  • Research: It is your first and the foremost goal to plan well. Dig about the place, its weather conditions, flights, ticket, commutation costs, stay to ensure if you could afford or not. If yes, book your flight a few months ahead to get better best rates.
  • One of the best ways to know about the destination you’re travelling to is to check its official embassy site along with the guidebook offered on the website.


  • Traveling abroad requires a passport with minimum 6 month’s validity. So make sure you hold one! Make two copies of your passport, one for yourself and another one to leave at home with your family, so that they have all possible documents to trace you in case of emergency. Go for a scanned copy as well so that you can digitally carry your passport. Check with the embassy if you require visa to travel to the chosen destination or your passport offers visa free traveling.
  • Travel Documents: If you wish to drive in the country you’re traveling to, make sure you have an IDP – International Driving Permit. You can go for luxurious cars on rent only if you hold an IDP.


  • Medication: In case you suffer from any medical illness or a problem, ask your doctor to issue a formal letter informing about it. Don’t forget to carry along on your trip! Also ask your doctor to prescribe a vaccination if required. If you’re on any regular medication, don’t forget to keep its medical prescription with you. Try to take your medicine stock to cover your entire trip, but you’ll only be allowed to carry if they are in their original sealed packing.


  • Packing: When you start packing, you must have a sturdy backpack or a suitcase to ensure hassle free travelling. Wrap liquid tubes in layers to avoid any leakage. Avoid carrying sharp blades or scissors or else you may face trouble at the airport. Pack relevant clothes and accessories to mingle in the jiggle.


  • Tech: When it comes on tech stuff, don’t forget to keep your charger, smartphone, digital camera, ipod, tablet etc. Download apps like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype to remain connected to your loved ones and to search out nearby places, restaurants, hospitals etc. If you don’t have a digital watch, buy one!


Above are a few traveling tips to help you enjoy your trip!


If you are planning to travel abroad, make your trip easier. Go for smart choices as discussed above!


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