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After years of success in residential cleaning business, owners wish to expand their reach…

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Significant factors that differs residential & commercial cleaning

After years of success in residential cleaning business, owners wish to expand their reach towards commercial cleaning as well however without realising the big difference that exists between both. Their concept only revolves around “cleaning is cleaning” whether it’s home or office and that the basic reason cleaning companies collapse completely or simply held back from developing further. Still, what makes commercial cleaning different from residential? The answers are outlined below so take a look!

  • Residential cleaning takes place during daytime as compared to commercial cleaning in late evening, night and even on weekends so it’s best to have multiple staff for the job. This usually requires hiring additional cleaning crew, team leaders and fostering present employees to supervise the process. One may find hiring commercial crew far more challenging as compared to residential since people are more reluctant to work after sunset, especially weekend.
  • In order to get the most out of commercial cleaning crew, you’ll need to finance time and money in training session. As residential cleaning is more thorough, commercial crew do their job quickly and less dedication. They’re only concerned with completing the task rather than being vigilant.
  • It’s pretty obvious that residential cleaning takes place in client’s personal space, can be a home and even a one room office. It means chances of touching and moving personal stuff are more so you’ve to be extra careful.

Keep items such as jewellery, expensive piece of machinery in a safe place before you call the cleaner. However if you’re expecting house maids in Dubai for home cleaning especially from veteran cleaners like “Dial a Maid”, all you need is to sit back and let them take care of the entire thing in a professional way.

  • Residential cleaners are more prudent of small details such as how pillows are the pillows on their couch and bed, how towels are hanged, are the items in their respective places so on. This is something commercial cleaners lack however not all are like this.
  • When residential clients are present in the home along with cleaners, they are likely to eye on every move just to ensure perfection. They expect punctuality and total time it takes to clean a specific corner.

Commercial clients on the contrary aren’t too much thoughtful over timeliness and being busy with corporate duties; their focus is less directed towards cleaning. However if you’re in a business centre such as Dubai, maids be it home and office understand the value of cleaning thus work with full devotion and professionalism.

  • Residential cleaners have more upbeat interaction with their client so look for a crew having good communication skills and are well groomed. Although, such traits are a must-to-have in all cleaners; there’s less need for late night staff since they’re all alone with their cleaning equipment.
  • Most commercial cleaning services get paid by end of the month or week that increased the likelihood of cash flow reduction. In contrast, housemaids are either paid in advance or by end of the day whatever is agreed in the initial contract hence can be profitable.
  • Cost of cleaning equipment, supplies and chemicals is fairly high with commercial cleaning then residential because of total area and highly accommodated corner all day long. Still, one should determine the overall expense before hiring to avoid inconvenience.
  • Even marketing campaigns are different such as residential cleaning model is “Business to Consumer – B2C” while for commercial it’s “Business to Business – B2B”.


As it’s clear, there are various differences between residential and commercial cleaning so start making a list of pros and cons.

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