Nine steps to easy apartment rental

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So you’re planning to rent an apartment! There’re several factors worth considering before you…

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Nine steps to easy apartment rental

So you’re planning to rent an apartment! There’re several factors worth considering before you finalise the deal such as long or short term rental, furnished or unfurnished so on. Whatever the case, it’s probably one of the most important decisions so make sure you do it the right way. Here’re a few easy steps for reader’s assistance!

  1. Before you begin hunting for rental properties, list down all the amenities important to you. How many bedrooms you require, what about the laundry, dishwasher, off-street parking and much more! In-short, consider every single aspect to avoid the “oops” moment.
  2. Compare price and budget. How much rent per month can you bear? Keep the total amount in mind at all times ensuring it doesn’t exceed your budget and other important expenses. Lest it’s unfurnished, work out a deal to reduce the rental amount since you’ll bear for most of the facilities like interior heating/cooling system, internet, cable and more.
  3. Now, decide whether you’re interested in short or long-term rental agreement. If you’re renovating your home, on a business trip or any other quick-fix task; short-term rental is the best deal. Other reasons such as permanent job relocation, four or five year study program in any other country or city and relevant reasons calls for long-term agreement that might lead to rent-to-buy as well!
  4. Choose between a furnished and unfurnished apartments and it also depends on your budget plus monthly bearings. Though furnished options would cost you dear, there’re various affordable fully furnished apartments for rent in Doha in-case you’re moving here! Furnished homes are good if you don’t have or are simply unwilling to buy new furniture and basic home accessories.
  5. Location and construction design also makes a big difference in overall rental cost. If an apartment building is located in a private district with underlying amenities at hand, rent would eventually higher along with maintenance charges. By design, it’s about west or east open, does is have a balcony or simply connected to your immediate neighbour’s bedroom window. West open apartments with ample space between other units aren’t just aesthetically appealing but turn your interior bright and airy.
  6. Number of dwellers also matter! Are you single or moving in with a big family? Do you wish to socialise or remain indoors most of the time? Answer this and it may be easier to choose between various apartment sizes.
  7. Also, it’s worth considering other factors such as proximity to public transport or to your job location. Do you need to take a bus or train each time while travelling and how much time it takes to reach the desired destination! Does the building management and owner allow pets or not and many other similar issues are likely to have a profound impact on your decision. Try to find an apartment that allows pets for you mightn’t have one today but maybe tomorrow!
  8. If you’re a garden enthusiast, rent an apartment with sufficient balcony space where you can easily grow the plants and quench the desire but do consider building laws.
  9. Always keep important paperwork such as security deposit and credit check to come out clean at the start or end of tenancy period.


After carefully understanding the above steps, you can easily rent an apartment anywhere so do read!

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