Latest Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

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Initially, just fixing the florescent ceiling in kitchen was considered as the job done…

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Latest Kitchen Lighting Design Tips


Initially, just fixing the florescent ceiling in kitchen was considered as the job done but not now. With the emerging trend of latest kitchen designs, the designing approach and standards are elevating considerably. Just like the elegant kitchen appliances with swanky cabinet & countertops, the kitchen space needs to be embellished with the vibrant and colorful lights.

Gone are the days, when lanterns were replaced with either some causal florescent bulbs or tiny thin tubes and the sunlight used to look after the kitchen space during the day. Though the sunlight still does really well in the modern kitchen designing but the rest has to be remodeled almost entirely. But how, let’s dig in to learn;

Recessed Lights

It has been one of the most enticing eruptions into the lighting mania for the latest kitchen designs. Lights recessed into the ceiling, glimpses the lighting onto countertops, sinks, Kitchen Island and pantries. This works truly best if you intend to avoid shadow when you stand at islands and counters because it’s also placed around the perimeter of the space. Alongside illuminating the dark corners, it highlights captivating kitchen cabinetry. Make sure that you install it for every 4-6 feet of ceiling space so that it blends finely with the narrow beam light for the task lighting.

Over Cabinet Lights

This would go with lesser weightage on the functionality but make an exquisite flaunt out for mood and style. These lights are to be mounted on top of the cabinet so that they spread the warm light on ceilings and walls. One can keep them on all-night to help the late night hunger at least for vision while being friendly enough with your visual-purple.

In case you are wondering that these might turn up heavy on your electricity expenses, not a chance. In fact, they don’t even get hot even if you keep them on all-night. So just enjoy the vibrant glow without having to worry about bills.

Under Cabinet Lights

Once used to be the luxury but now it’s one of the must-have items while dealing with the latest kitchen designs. Showering bright light upon the countertops, it maintains the elegance of your cabinet contours. The major trick to utilize such lights is to hide the fixtures while seeing the light. Well, that’s truly an amazing idea that lets you avoid the harsh part and you can easily carry on with your task having reasonable amount of light.

To have the maximum task lighting, it can be placed in front third of the cabinet. Also place light in the back so that it highlights the enticing backsplash. Sprigs of LED lights, Halogen & Xenon and Fluorescent fixtures happen to be the most suitable bulbs for under-cabinet lighting.

Toe-Kick Lights

Sounds interesting? Isn’t it! It’s obviously indicating towards the very bottom when it says toe kick. But again, the fixtures would not be visible as it would be hidden on top of the base cabinets. It’s good to go a bit hi-tech with this and connect them with the motion sensor.

This will get you a warm glow whenever you enter the kitchen. Even if all the lights are turned-off and you feel really hungry, just walking to the dark kitchen, the motions sensor will be activated and the light will turn on automatically. These lights can also be added in other dimensions so that they add texture to your kitchen.

Pendant Lights

Pendants are tremendous form for light that add vibrant ambiance and enticing visual to the kitchen space. Though there are many types but it’s essential to choose the pendant light that throws light in all directions especially if your kitchen space is broad. You can also buy one that directs light down to the island or countertop to create the perfect task lighting. Precisely, such lights are doing really great to enhance the entire look of the kitchen space.

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