How to Get a Real Messy Room Clean?

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Every two out of five have a real messy room, closed behind doors where…

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How to Get a Real Messy Room Clean?

Every two out of five have a real messy room, closed behind doors where not even your best friend is allowed to enter! It’s like a black hole, an embarrassment and a point of content since you’re not a little kid anymore. Things that goes into the room never comes out so how to overcome this never-ending nightmare? Is there a way to get a really messy room spotless as if nothing ever happened? Of-course; this article has the most helpful tips that will make your living space a real place to live!


The Inner Motivation

First question! How would you’re room get so messy in the first place? It’s probably hectic days, working eight to nine hours in office and coming home feeling all pooped. But there’s always a weekend and lucky employees get two days off in a week so no need to be lazy and get some inner motivation! It usually comes from outside sources such as nearing holidays; need room for New Year gifts, a movie night or hitting the gym so on!

The sooner it’s cleaned, sooner you’re free to do all the other chores or settle over a reward. How about a trip to bookstore, buy something good yet inexpensive! Just find yourself something motivational and you’re good to go! All such activities may clear your head and fuel you up to clean the room.

Garbage Collector

Out Goes the Trash

So far all you’ve been doing is dumping things in the room as if feeding a monster! Well it’s time to stop and bring in plastic trash bags, lots of them and don’t get stingy. Sort items and place them in two distinct boxes/bags, label “Junk” and “Charity”. There’s probably a pile of goods in perfect shape so why waste when someone needy requires it more.


Shoo Everyone!

When cleaning, you don’t want anyone to loiter around so lock yourself inside, put on some happy music or whatever gives you the stir! Before initiating “mission clean sweep”, breeze past every corner and pick up items that don’t belong here. Put them in place or throw them out in the garbage being useless, repeat the step till you rid all unwanted goods! This will give your room a slight peaceful look but it’s just the beginning and you’re not even half way there yet.


Sound the Alarm

Set an alarm for five, ten or thirty minutes! Begin cleaning on the count but remember, don’t just throw goods in every direction. Grab the trash and into dustbin it goes while books, video games and action figures on the shelf, television and air-condition remote on their panels. Once the alarm sounds, leave everything as-it-is even if you’re not finished yet, take a break and start again.

Successful cleaning people teamwork

Cleaning Services

If you’re having a real drill with work and chores, there are lots of professional cleaning services waiting for a call! Take example of Dubai where you’ll get the best cleaning service over a call or email whether it’s your home, office or any other private shelter. Cleaners would definitely charge a fee depending on nature of work or hourly basis hence settle the price in advance.


Don’t dread yourself out; begin slowly, one step at a time! The secret of maintaining a room is doing little. Enjoy cleaning!

The credit of this article goes to a leading cleaning company, named as Dial A Maid.


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