How recruitment agencies operate?

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Job hunters always strive towards maximizing their potential for ideal position in any market….

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How recruitment agencies operate?

Job hunters always strive towards maximizing their potential for ideal position in any market. The advancement of internet and social media boom brought forward a dozen platforms for job research, recruitment agencies simply add another dimension to the process. Supply and demand of marketplace along with their ability to produce highly competitive talents are the major factors driving recruitment agencies. Want to know how they work? Check below for details!


Recruitment agencies basically serve as intermediary, a connecting medium between client (hiring company) and potential candidate (the employee). Although they serve both parties, client is responsible to pay the bill to respective recruitment agency in the end. This cost varies per distinct searches and association with different agencies. In a retained search, client is liable to pay the agency a certain fraction of total fee upfront while the agency should fulfill the desired position within agreed time frame.

Lest the agency is unable to provide its services in due time and client finds an employee without any assistance, they would lose prepaid portion. Retained searches make it worthwhile for an agency to spend lots of time in seeking the right talent. Whereas in a contingent search, multiple agencies struggles to fill out a single position and client may ultimate prefer hiring someone directly.

The many different types of agencies

Executive search firms, permanent and temporary employment agencies are common types of recruitment agencies or search firms. The terms “agency” and “firm” are interchangeable however “firm” is usually associated with recruiters who deal with highly paid executives. Specific recruitment firms work exclusively on retained searches and takes pride on knowing about client’s preferences, and their capacity to deliver.

Others simply perform a mix of reliant and reserved searches. Provisional service agencies deal exclusively on temporary or from temporary-to-permanent positions. However, all of the agencies specialize in particular career areas allowing them to fully understand client’s demands and talent genres they seek.

Careers served

More or less any profession that requires a college education is associated with one or more recruitment agencies. Lawyers, financial analysts, dentists, accountants, actuaries, computer programmers, nurses, doctors and graphic artists are a few of many professions served by recruiters who’re also known as head-hunters. They work in industries where professionals are listed annually (that is actuaries) as they accomplish official recognition and a better grasp over pool of applicants.


Recruitment agency can be quite beneficial especially for potential employee who’s most suitable for the job especially if you are getting your work done by recruitment agency Dubai. Recruiters would want to please their clients by catering them the best and quick services. They help candidates to refine their resumes and work hard to assist clients in best possible ways. If company allows, recruiters maybe able to negotiate a higher salary, bonuses and better relocation packages with their clients. With retained searches, a recruiter is able to draw client’s full attention that might be a turning point for a candidate.


A hiring firm fee can be as high as 35 percent to that of new recruit’s salary. It’s a common misconception that this fee would’ve been utilized as additional salary for new employee however companies keep a separate budget for recruitment fees. Recruiters always want to place an employee at a respected designation but when companies balk at fees, recruiters are likely to consider a much lesser percentage to secure candidate’s hire. On the contrary, some companies don’t hire recruiters as a policy.


When you’re on a job hunt via a recruitment agency in Dubai, it’s probably the best way. This is because dozens of companies registers various openings that you may not find on exclusive online job portals.

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