How reckless driving take up the life of four in Dubai Ferrari Crash?

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Holidaying and making fun is not a bad idea, when you are in the…

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How reckless driving take up the life of four in Dubai Ferrari Crash?

Holidaying and making fun is not a bad idea, when you are in the land of entertainment and adventure like Dubai. Rather, it’s not the best idea to break the traffic and driving rules. Carelessness always ends up with a bad outcome. This is what happened with four youngsters, including two American women named Victoria McGrath, 23 and Priscilla Perez Torres and two Canadian men named Cody Nixon, 24 and his cousin James Portuondo, 27. Both of the young ladies were due to complete their graduation at the end of this year, whereas Nixon was a boxer, who was trained at Motor City Boxing Club, a three-time Ray McGibbons Gloves gold Medalists. He was on a round-the-world trip at the time of his untimely death in Dubai Ferrari crash. All four were young and full of life, their families were not expecting this incident.

Soon after he landed in Dubai, he rented a yellow Ferrari 458 Spider and went out to drive on the night of Sunday, March 6th 2016. The two-seater sports car was carrying four passengers, two men and two women. They were driving along Al Sarayah Street in Jumeirah Lakes Towers around 12:40 am in the night at the speed up to four times the 40km/h speed limit, when the driver lost his control and their vehicle crashed into a lamp post. Due to high speed all four were expelled out of the vehicle and faced death due to subsequent injuries. Furthermore, the car was completely trashed into pieces.

According to the prosecutor General Salah Bu Farousha, he has never witnessed such a terrible scene in his professional career ever, as all four were dead on the spot and the vehicle was completely burnt after the crash. Later investigations and CCTV footage revealed that over speeding and alcohol were the primary factors involved in this horrified accident. Blood sample reports of the victims clearly showed the high level of alcohol ranges from19 and 88 mg/dl. As their bodies were found far away from the site of the crash, clearly evidenced that it was multiple times more than the allowed speed limit of Al Sarayah Street, which is 40km/h. After detailed inspection of the accident site, Bu Farousha, the Chief Traffic Prosecutor and Head of Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution declared that in addition to drinking and breaking speed limits, hilly slope of the highway had also become the cause of this unpleasant incident. As the vehicle is light-weight and purposefully made for racing purpose unable to maintain its balance.  An extra care and driving skills are required to drive this kind of vehicle. In future to avoid such accidents, car rental firm should not issue such sporty automobiles to inexperienced drivers.  Moreover, tourists also concentrate to understand the traffic rules and speed limits on different highways.

Summary:  Dubai Ferrari crash is a horrible and an unforgettable incident in the history of Dubai. May God protect everyone from such bad incidents, drive safely.