Four Types of Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

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Cleaning is a necessary evil for most of us and being idle will only…

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Four Types of Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a necessary evil for most of us and being idle will only worsen the situation. No doubt cleaning industry is big and it’s expanding gradually as countries develop. Initiating a cleaning business is quite profitable especially in big cities like Dubai as people either hate doing it themselves or simply don’t have enough time. Though hiring professional cleaners can be costly, it’s the only solution to get flawless results. Check below to know about different cleaning services and their basic features.

  1. Residential

Demand for a perfect cleaning service is more in residential sector and quite profitable as well. In different areas, it’s referred to as maid or janitorial service where an individual or a group of cleaners perform usual home cleaning tasks like dusting, mopping, vacuum, disposing trash and more. Initiating a maid business isn’t too difficult and one can even start it from their home with minimum capital however, finding exceptional maids can be tricky.

Residential cleaning also deals with post-renovation and closing of tenancy. Wide range of services marks it as a most profitable business that can be easily expanded. Cleaning aside, residential housemaids also perform additional tasks like cooking, grocery shopping, babysitting, respite care and tuck-in-bed depending on whether company is providing these services or not.

  1. Commercial

When cleaning industry targets official buildings, business hubs and other metropolitan areas, it falls under commercial cleaning. This is quite a prominent cleaning service in Dubai and many other big cities. Cleaning task usually starts after working hours, at night or over weekends that involves general housekeeping duties but only under commercial premises. Modern offices not only have a full-size kitchen but showers, rest and changing rooms as well so it’s a combination of residential cleaning as well.

Services are scheduled to take place on instructions of office manager or building owner ensuring zero interference to working processes. Service is mostly selected by building owner however office managers can make suggestions and complaints for further improvement if needed. Yet another solution is for businesses to hire their own cleaner that’s far more convenient and cost-effective. Do remember that separate cleaners may be hired when windows and high-rise office buildings are to deal with; it’s a more perilous task that requires training and equipment handling.

  1. Carpet & Steam Cleaning

A more professional service deals with carpet cleaning that requires proper treatment, sanitation and deodorising of carpets in both residential and commercial buildings. These companies are equipped with proper machines, products and well-trained cleaners. Steam cleaning is usually applied over carpet and other upholstery furniture that makes them spotless and lively, just like new. Machines used during the process require proper handling as misuse or fiddling with the gadget will seriously hamper the entire process. Heated carpet extractor is an excellent steam cleaning device, frequently used by housemaids in Dubai.

  1. Construction Clean-Up

Home renovation is likely to generate dust and dirt in every corner. The only way to rid all the grit is possible if you hire industrial-strength cleaning services. It not only covers regular tasks but ensures removal of debris, staples, nails, drywall pieces and other such mess. Hiring professional cleaners is a must after construction work since it’s not a job for common home members. Special equipments are required at-times to get the task well done.


After all the above discussion, we are now familiar with many different types of cleaning services. It can generate healthy revenue with strong, creative marketing and prioritising quality. Special services may include cleaning the porch, basement/storage and electronic appliances as well.

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