Car rental – 5 tips & hacks to do it the right way

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Rental car deals and discounts are just like a pirate’s treasure bearing an ‘X’…

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Car rental – 5 tips & hacks to do it the right way

Car rental – 5 tips & hacks to do it the right way

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Rental car deals and discounts are just like a pirate’s treasure bearing an ‘X’ and seems a made-up plot from some fantasy novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. However, unlike that entire chest full of jewels and trinkets, these car rental deals exist in the real world and ready for you to take. All you need is to reach out and grab the right one at the right time. Have a look at some of the most effective tips and hacks to get the best of car rentals anywhere.

  • Corporates & students

You can really trust the perks and discounts on car rentals as they’re real. If yours is a corporate job, better consult with the higher-management and they’re likely to reference some amazing discounts and profitable add-ons with different car rental companies. But if you’re still a student, surrounded by books, notes and exams, no need to fret because plenty of rental agencies offer awesome deals and perks for your likes!

  • Number of car(s) matter

Although any individual would need one car at a time to get around, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any room to book more than a single vehicle. Be a little shrewd here by holding reservations till the last minute and grab one whose rates dropped most. This way, you can book as many cars as you please to and avoid the most expensive ones.

The best thing is that you won’t be charged any cancellation fee like those airline companies would do but, do question the agency because you wouldn’t want to encounter any last-minute surprises. For those who do charge cancellation fee, the ‘pay at counter’ option is the best way to get around the reservations.

  • Let go of those airport rental counters

Booking a cab or car at the airport is super convenient these days but in the end, the feeling of a much lighter wallet eventually bugs all the more. But you can avoid this by booking a car directly from the agency rather than at the airport counter which is bound to charge at-least a $100 more. But even here, some of the agencies may be associated with the airport and charge the same so come clean here by querying either on the phone or email.

  • The unexpected costs & surcharges

So you’ve booked a simple, standard hatchback as your rental car only to discover all the added bells and whistles when it actually arrives. Don’t be burdened or accept any such things forcefully especially if you haven’t requested for any add-ons. Be clear talking to the agency, ask to cut down any additional cost and redo the bookings or simply book from another agency that you can rely on.

  • Those unwanted dents

When getting a car for rent in Bahrain or any other place, be sure to check the vehicle carefully for any unwanted dents, scratches, nicks and so on. Although a reliable and professional agency won’t do such a thing as falsely charging customers, there’re always some slick tricks which you need to keep an eye on.

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