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Hiring a professional and seasoned recruitment firm is the best way of finding new…

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Hiring a professional and seasoned recruitment firm is the best way of finding new talent for your business on a permanent or a temporary basis. This not only reduces the cost of running a full-fledged HR department but also gives you an abundant pool of talent which you may not be able to tap on your own. However, not all the top recruitment agencies in Dubai are tailor-made for your needs, irrespective of the success they boast on their billboards. Therefore, a basic check in order to gauge the efficacy of the recruitment agency is required at your end to ensure that you make the most out of the deal. In order to do so, you must ask the following four questions once you meet the recruitment agency’s team for negotiations and the teaming up process.

Question #1: What is the research mechanism that you deploy?

If they tell you that they hire a private investigator to follow the candidate, it is the best answer. However, this level of stalking may not be required to find the ideal candidate for you as the internet and basic research can get you a lot of information about anyone. Although, it is important to ask about the research mechanism that the company you are considering employs. You cannot afford to hire the wrong person based on faulty research because one or two aspects of his work or personal life were not picked upon.

Question #2: What is your payment process?

This is one of the most important things that you need to ask, especially when you are trying to save cash in terms of downsizing or not having an HR department. Therefore, it will be important for you to understand the payment terms and amend them before you team up with the recruitment agency rather than being surprised later. Recruitment companies either take percentage fees or a retainer. The percentage is dependent upon the salary of the candidate and must be paid once the candidate signs the contract with your company. The retainer fee is paid partially upfront and the remainder when the candidate signs up to work with you. Either way, it is better that you decide the percentage in-house and then negotiate on it with the recruitment company.

Question #3: Do you train or choose trained personnel?

Some recruitment companies will train their own personnel and offer them to you. This is essentially beneficial when the recruitment company deals with exactly the kind of recruits that you want to hire. If this is the case, their training methodology and process must be put under scrutiny. These companies will have a higher price but will provide candidates that are tailor-made to your requirements.

Question #4: what is your own turnover rate?

This is a vital question that should be the final indicator for you and your company. If the recruitment company is successful in retaining its own personnel, they are successful at selecting the best candidates for themselves. However, a recruitment company with a bad turnover rate is an indication that it cannot keep their own staff on their roaster for long, it would be difficult for them to find you long-term and high potential candidates.

If you are not fully satisfied by the answers, then you must give the shortlisted recruitment agencies in UAE some time to prepare the answers to your questions. Ask them to present the solution to your problem in a well-prepared presentation. This will provide you with a clear path the recruitment agency generally takes and what they are willing to do for your case in particular. You can then make a well-informed decision about the company that will find you your next dream team.

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As a part-time writer at ManpowerGroup, Hannan Kirmani covers topics related to trends, news and proactive approaches to improve recruitment processes. He has extensively written for various news portals and blogs. At heart, he believes that recruitment agencies need to focus on behavioral skills of the candidates instead of just looking at their resumes. Apart from writing, he loves to sing songs and explore the beauty of nature.

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